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MicroFin360 Ecosystem

Datasoft has been working with the Microfinance lndustry over the last ten years and has been developed a number of projects and products for the Microfinance sector. Therefore, DataSoft has earned the reputation to be the only company that operates in the full microfinance ecosystem.

  • Developed solution Microfinance Regulatory Authority (MRA)

  • Experienced in developing a Credit Bureau Database for (domestics apex financing organization for microfinance) PKSF

  • Developed various software and service for organization like PKSF (Bangladesh), RMDC (Nepal) and SDF (World bank funded project)

  • There are more than 110 microfinance institutes using various DataSoft’s microfinance operation solution well acclaimed MicroFin360, a complete web based MIS, AIS and HR solution for MFIs.

  • Extended several end customer focus products and interfaces like kiosk, cell phone etc.

  • DataSoft hosts an active community with end users and consultants and implement their views in service.