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Welcome to MicroFin360 !

The MicroFin360 is a web-based, dash-board driven Micro-Finance Management software specially developed for the Microfinance Institutes to automate their work-flow. The solution comes with an immense capability of synchronizing real time data, management level monitoring and centralized financial report consolidation. By means of adopting the solution, every aspect of microfinance business would readily be performed with secured transactional data entry which needs less effort and human touch. The solution also runs in compliance with Regulatory Authorities, Patrons, Partners, Donors and Funding Organizations. Microfinance organizations can avail this solution integrated with Management Information System (MIS), Financial Information System (FIS) and Human Resource (HR) modules.

Throughout the last decade of MicroFin360’s successful journey it has already facilitated hundreds of Microfinance Institutions upon ensuring them a successful automation both from home and abroad.

Our Services

Cloud Hosted Services

A world class cloud infrastructure has been introduce to meet the growing computing demand.

Safer in the Cloud

Ensures end user can access MicroFin360 via only web browser where software and associated data are hosted remotely.

Mobile Apps

Frequently serve to provide users with similar services to those accessed on PCs.

Anytime, Anywhere

With remote clients, an organization's information about them shouldn’t be isolated

SMS Services

SMS real time notification system that facilitates your business communications with members.

Real time notifications

Ensure instant SMS service with real time notification.

24 X 7 Support

The 24x7 Support Center is designed to provide you with support for issues encountered in your daily operation.

Scalable Infrastructure

MicroFin360 enables institutions to forget the challenges of purchasing hardware

Major Features

  • Fully real time web based solution. No separate data synchronization is needed
  • Well implemented cashless branch system with better security and electronic transactions
  • Availability of Micorfin360 inspired smart card for unique borrower identification and flawless transaction
  • Users are able to process and manage data at the institutional level, both at central offices and in remote locations
  • No need to invest on costly data centers. The entire application is hosted in our lightening fast and secure data center
  • Integrated push-pull SMS notification service enabled both for management and borrowers
  • Completely paperless collection is enabled through android app
  • Reduce processing time by 200%
  • Improve overall organizational efficiency and profitability
  • Easy and faster migration process with fail-over mechanism
  • Remote access to get information anytime anywhere
  • Mobile/Tab friendly application
  • Dash-board driven information of MFI and all its branches
  • Easy and centralized administration
  • Auto ID configuration for Branch, group/center, member/borrower, loan and savings/deposits, employee, vouchers
  • Funding Organization & Regulatory Authority compliant reports
  • Track financial transactions and create reports for management, donors, and regulators
  • Become more systematic in their operating procedures in order to handle a much larger volume of information
  • Establish transparency and good governess
  • More than 200 parameterized daily, weekly, monthly and date range wise reports and registers
  • Low bandwidth friendly – suitable for remote places using cellular networks
  • Integrated core modules:

  • Management Information System (MIS)

  • Accounting Information System (AIS)

  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Define unlimited number of loan product types with customizable repayment behavior
  • Instant SMS notification on Loan disbursement and Loan Transaction
  • Identification of good and bad loanee
  • Interest calculations:

  • Flat

  • Declining balance – equal monthly installments (EMI)

  • Declining balance – equal principal installments

  • Declining balance – Index Based
  • Loan-wise predefined schedule preparing
  • Target set and achievement analysis based on loan activity
  • Ability to schedule loan disbursals and repayments independent of meeting schedules
  • Loan defaults based on previous loan amounts or cycle
  • Define grace periods for loan repayments
  • Support for periodic fees, fees deducted at disbursement, one-time fees, and penalty charges
  • Support for early & partial loan repayments with rebate facility
  • Display of loan repayment schedules and detail loan account activity pages
  • Automatic update of repayment schedule if client/group’s meeting day changes
  • Variable loan installments and Support for adjustments
  • Support for adjustments
  • Allows loan write off
  • Automatically change loan account state
  • Repay total loan at any point in loan cycle
  • Add notes to loan records
  • Support for loan rescheduling
  • Support for back-dated payments with automatic voucher update
  • Ability to generate voucher and receipts directly from loan account page
  • Allows loan waiver for death member
  • Allows loan write off
  • Dashboard driven module that provides information of MFI/individual branches
  • Auto voucher code configuration
  • Search voucher by prefix/suffix/transaction date etc.
  • All MIS financial transactions triggers auto accounting vouchers
  • System allows manual vouchers for regular expenditures and other operations
  • Fund transfer among branches
  • Supports budget/budget variance
  • Dashboard driven module that provides information of MFI/individual branches
  • Auto voucher code configuration
  • Search voucher by prefix/suffix/transaction date etc.
  • All MIS financial transactions triggers auto accounting vouchers
  • System allows manual vouchers for regular expenditures and other operations
  • Fund transfer among branches
  • Supports budget/budget variance
  • Supports dig down report to get track of transactions
  • Prevents unauthorized back dated data entry
  • Supports up to unlimited depth level in chart of accounts
  • Supports donor loan management and scheduling
  • Supports all the major financial reports like:

  • Trial Balance

  • Receipt-Payment Statement

  • Income Statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cash flow statement

  • Ledger reports

  • Daily Transactions

  • Bank and Cash Book

  • Fund transfer

  • Subsidiary ledger report

  • Notes to balance sheet

  • and more..
  • Apply and approve leave on-line with notification to listed users
  • Support for earn leave management
  • Employee can give entry of his timekeeping data
  • Support for Bangla and English. Easy to localize to other languages
  • Ability to specify all install-time configurations
  • User-interface to configure system configurations
  • Specify supported payment types (cash, voucher, checks)
  • Define unlimited custom fields for client, group, center, accounts and system users
  • Ability to schedule holidays and loan moratoriums (office and branch-wise) and have loan, savings, and fee schedules automatically updated

Latest News

MicroFin360 Go Global; has spread its wing on Indonesia

March 16, 2014

As part of our effort to take our product “MicroFin360” in the global stage, it our privileged to inform you MicroFin360 operations are spread in Indonesia through a local partner “Gamatechno” – one of leading ICT companies in Indonesia. Gamatechno shall promote and support the product in Indonesia.

In this connection at Cebit 2014 , in Hanover Germany ,there has been a signing ceremony ,Muhammad Aditya A.N. President Director , Gamatechno and M Manjur Mahmud , Director and COO, DataSoft signed on behalf of the respective companies . Among others Arif Havas Oegroseno, Ambassador to Belgium, Luxemburg and the EU Embassy of Indonesia and Andreas Gruchow, member of the board Deutsche Messe has graced the occasion .

Footprint over web
Welcome on-board “Dwip Unnayan Songstha”

October 7, 2012

We are pleased to inform you that Today (7th October, 2012) DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited and Dwip Unnayan Songstha, Hatia has signed the contract to work jointly in automation process for DWIP. Dwip Unnayan Songstha has 17 branches in total with Head Office where all branches will be brought under MicroFin360 services by DataSoft.

Mr. Md. Rafiqul Alam, Executive Director of DWIP and Ms. Dil Afroz Begum, Director (HR & Finance) of DataSoft signed the contract from each party. Till now DataSoft has signed 28 MFI’s.

“High gain antenna – a new scope to stay connected online”

September 17, 2012

In collaboration with Citycell, DataSoft has done pilot with High Gain Antenna on 13th September, 2012 at Chorfashion, Bhola. Two senior personnel from DataSoft have been there to conduct this event and came up with successful outcome. Our parters FDA and GJUS are satisfied enough to roll out this technique at their remote branches with limited or no connectivity. High gain antenna can be build up from local electrical shop. Specification will be provided upon request.

Earlier, connectivity issue was a challenge to implement web-based services at field level. With this initiative DataSoft could overcome this and ensures better online connectivity for better operation.<

Contributors from our partners:<

  • Mr. Farid Hossain from FDA
  • Mr. Jahirul Haque from FDA
  • Mr. Shonkor Chandra Debnath from FDA
  • Mr. Jahid from GJUS
  • Mr. Forkan Mia from GJUS

“DataSoft wants to take Microfin global” article published in Daily Ittefaq”<

September 05, 2012

Ittefaq published an article on Microfin services today. It says about services and working procedures to make this application a world class standard. Mr. Manjur Mahmud, CEO of DataSoft has shared the vision where DataSoft wants to take Microfin to.

DESHA has decided to migrate 15 new branches in September

August 27, 2012

Based on implementation experience of 19 branches in 2 phases, DESHA has come forward to migrate 15 new branches with September closing balance. Strong and dedicated automation team, proper training and monitoring is noticeable there. Automation team is led by-

  • Md. Belal Azam (Asst. Director)
Palli Mongal Karmosuchi (PMK) has migrated 14 branches to automation in just 2 weeks!!

August 14, 2012

PMK showed their tremendous effort in automation with migrating 14 branches in just 2 weeks. Automation team members of PMK must take this credit. Their effective management policy brings this scenario as an example to others. It is noted that all 14 branches were migrated with newly employed data entry operators. Dedication is the key here for their achievement. So far PMK has completed 49 branches. Special thanks goes to

  • Md. Nurul Islam Pramanik, Director
  • S. M. Nurul Islam (Tony), Senior Manager (IT)
  • Mohammad Shofiqul Islam, Senior Manager (IT)
Gram Bikash Kendro (GBK) has completed 17 branches with a regular pace

August 14, 2012

GBK is moving to 100% automated MFI milestone at a regular pace without experiencing fail over so far. They have just passed their 3rd phase of implementation with 5 branches which brings total 17 out of 41. Having a plan for each months and following it makes their move smooth and effective. Recruiting dedicated data entry operators is a ongoing process for them until they ended up with all branches. Credit goes to

  • Md. Abul Kalam Azaz, Asst. Director (audit) and his team
DABI and New Era Foundation kick off automation

August 14, 2012

DABI and New Era Foundation has kicked off automation last month with 4 and 6 branches respectively. Decent data entry speed and management concentration helps them to complete migration process in time. MicroFin360 application is found fully aligned with their requirements. PKSF representative had a visit to DABI last month and placed few feedback which has been dealt and incorporated with application.

Why Choose Us ?

  • A complete web-based MIS, AIS & HR solution for MIcrofinance Institutions
  • Rich management statistical dashboard
  • Regulatory Authority & Funding Organization compliance solution
  • Database independent solution
  • Centralized operation facility
  • Can work in low bandwidth – suitable for remote users using cellular connections
  • High data security and availability with world-class data center with DR site.

Our Partners