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About Us

We are a big platoon of Microfinance solution developers, automation expert, business analysts, microfinance business consultant, implementation engineers, support executives leaded by prominent business leaders. For any organization which is aspiring to achieve its goal within a very shortest possible time, striving for making it a better version, seeking for an effective and trustworthy operation, our team might be the best possible partner to go for a long term partnership. MicroFin360.com is the home site of MicroFin360 software lead by DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited.

Who We Are

Microfinance Institutions who are looking for Management Information System/Accounting Information System/Human Resource solutions or planning to implement MicroFin360 software or current MicroFin360 users/customers who seek support and advice. MicroFin360 has come up as a SaaS model with smart data center with high data security, cloud based accessibility and uninterrupted 24/7 connection. This web based application reduces the software installment and maintenance hassle, anyone having an computer with internet connection can instantly access it from anywhere under any circumstance.

  • Numerous financial and management reports
  • A complete web-based Management Information System, Accounting Information System & Human Resource solution for Microfinance Institutions
  • Regulatory Authority & Funding Organization compliance solution
  • Rich management statistical dashboard
  • Database independent solution
  • Centralized operation facility
  • Can work in low bandwidth – suitable for remote users using cellular connections
  • High data security and availability with world-class data center with DR site.

Expertise in Microfinance sector and transfer business knowledge to innovative technology is our strength. MicroFin360 team consists of strong business analysis team who run research and development phase continuously to come up with technical solutions. Adaptability to new innovative technology by our technical team keeps MicroFin360 focused among other solutions in market. Availability of 24/7 support executives those are available to be spoken with any problem or ambiguity, dedicated developers team for handling technical maneuvers.

To subscribe for our solution please contact: info@datasoft-bd.com


Total 20 Years of IT Experience Since 1998
A Large Team of 110 Dedicated Persons for MFI Automation
Total 113 MFIs Which Cover 4700+ Branches
24/7 Support Service Department
4300+ Live Branches Handling Over 10 Million Borrowers

Meet Our Team

Dev Team
Dev Team MicroFin360
A passionate dev team with dedication and highly motivation. Responsible for all kind of development in microfin360 project. A team with highly professional skilled programmers.
Infrastructure Team
Infrastructure Team MicroFin360
A team with hard working personnel. Responsible to maintain all kind of server related issues and make this software more faster in performance. Also maintain all security related issues. Highly secured inter personal communications between the team.
Support Team
Support Team MicroFin360
A team with hard working and self motivated personnel. All members in this team are responsible to support the respective clients about their issues. This team has highly skilled business executives are responsible for all kind of business related to microfin360.

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